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ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy Results:

Outcomes for ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy have been based, thus far, on retrospective clinical observations. Randomized, double blinded, prospective studies have been initiated for the treatment of ankle sprains, hamstring injuries, and distal radius fractures. The hypotheses for these prospective studies is that ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy will yield recovery rates 60% to 80% faster than for traditional conservative treatment.

The basis for these hypotheses is the large retrospective clinical data on ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy over the past 5 years. In general, recovery rates for acute soft tissue injury have been 60% to 80% shorter than the predicted clinical outcome. Specific examples include grade II lateral ankle sprains, and grade II acute hamstring injury.

Athletes sustaining grade II lateral ankle sprains (partial ligament tear with moderate swelling and ecchymosis and limited weight bearing ability) treated with 6 to 10 ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy sessions, and no other conservative treatment except supportive bracing, had an average recovery rate and return to play at 3 to 5 days post injury. Athletes sustaining grade II hamstring injuries (1-2cm soft tissue defect with associated ecchymosis and inability to walk without limp) treated also with 6 to 10 ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy sessions, without other modalities, had an average recovery rate and return to play at 8 to 12 days post injury.

These accelerated recovery rates also extrapolated to the more severe grade III injuries, as well as chronic soft tissue tendinopathies. In many cases of chronic tendinopathy, all other conservative measures were exhausted, without relief of symptoms, before ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy was initiated.

The ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy experience has produced a sense of astonishment among both the practitioner and the patient. Undoubtedly, prospective data will be required to corroborate these retrospective findings, but it is certainly clear that the rate of acceleration in healing has been dramatic.