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, - Aug 28, 2016

Hello, I've purposely waited to give you a followup report on the results following my 6 week of ARPWave Therapy. I wanted to return to my exercise routine for a while and "measure" my performance.
To say the least, I'm impressed with the results. Muscles in my prosthetic hip leg have significantly improved. Not sure if it was simply because ARPWave therapy "woke up" muscles which had stopped functioning or had stopped receiving neural activation of what? And I recognize that it was a combination of the ARPWabe stimulus and your expertise on addressing my weaknesses and prescribing appropriate exercises while receiving ARPWave stimulus.

And once starting my exercise routine after the 6 weeks of ARPWave therapy, I immediately noticed a very significant improvement in the alignment and stability of my prosthetics hip leg---notably when doing 1 legged triple flex hop. Previously I had poor control and strength when doing these. After a few weeks of doing these and concentrating on calling on the muscles that were not firing adequately before, my control, balance and strength improved even more to the point were it was almost as good as doing the one legged triple flex hop with my normal leg.

Also when returning to workouts and doing stationary bike---which I do for 10 minutes to warm up---I immediately noticed that I could control, the movement of the prosthetic hip leg and keep it moving in a strait line. Whereas before it tended to move erratically. What was interesting, I sensed that I had to call on those muscles that had become "inactivated", and when doing so they activated and aligned my leg properly. Prior to the ARPWave therapy, I had no sense of those muscles. And focusing on this during biking and keeping those muscles activated has improved my alignment and strength more.

And finally, in doing front squats, my balance and strength had improved measurable . . . and this really surprised me---I was able to go into ultimate deep squats with control and plenty of strength. Before I couldn't do a deep squat. And even better, everything---alignment, balance, and strength---continue to improve.

So ARPWave and your guidance---assessing my movement and prescribing the right exercises with ARPWave stimulus and pushing and encouraging me---get a huge vote of excellence. Thanks every so much ...Vic

Doral, FL - Jun 30, 2016

To Whom It May Concern, This letter is to confirm that OrthNOW Doral, LLC has been using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy in our clinic since January of 2014. Over the last 6 months we have been able to bill out an average of 400 treatments per months with 4 therapy CPT codes provided. We are very happy with the services and continued supoort that the ARPWAVE has provided to us during our relationship. Thank you. Alejandro Badia, MD CEO

, - May 26, 2016

When I first walked in to see Ben, Denis, and Jay, I couldn’t sit up straight in a chair. I did something severe to my back where I wasn’t able to walk or sleep well. They definitely improved me by 50% the first day after seeing them! Then, within 3 day of ARP treatment I haven’t lost a night’s rest because of back problems. It’s been tremendous. I want to look forward to no pain plus a future with no pain. With my use of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy it’s going to look like a pain free future.
Tim Cristian, 35, Low Back Pain SD

, - Apr 25, 2016

I’ve been to a lot of doctors and spent a lot of money. I didn’t know what was wrong and nobody could tell me. I lived with it for 2 years. My legs were quivering 24 hours a day, aching, it was maddening. After going through ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy treatment at OPC my problems went away. The numbness in my leg went away, the pounding in my foot, and hip problems all went away. I did it. It worked and I’m happy about it.
Dennis Preston, 65, Suffered Aneurysm

Goodfield, IL - Apr 22, 2016

Dear Denis,
We have not talked or met. I bought my arpwave trainer last summer and Bryce was my first connection with your company.  I chose to do my training on a case-by-case basis and Bryce has been my coach. He is a fantastic communicator and has been absolutely terrific.  He continues to go above and beyond what I would consider the normal call of duty. I try never to take advantage of his kindness, but whenever a question comes up within or after hours he is always willing to make himself available. I don't know any of your other coaches\trainers, but I can't imagine anyone else as my coach.

He is truly an outstanding individual and has been a great help to me. I genuinely appreciate him.

BTW sir, thank you for creating such a fine instrument. I've been in practice for nearly 30 years and I try to make a habit of refiring / reinventing myself and my practice when the opportunity presents.  ARPwave has created my finest hour!  The instrument and the protocols are truly amazing and I have helped people that no one else can help. This gives me the greatest thrill as a physician.

I have much to learn and still feel like a newbie with the instrument I really must plan a trip to Minnesota in 2015. Again, thank you and I wish you the very best.

Dr. Leslie R. Quiram
Chiropractic Physician
Goodfield, Illinois
Ph: 309-965-2277

Scottsdale, AZ - Apr 10, 2016

Hi my name is Linda Boston. I am recommending the Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP) Wave Trainer. It is a machine that produces electrical pulses that stimulate the affected muscles after surgery. It helps the muscles innate memory firing at the affected joint. Healing is faster than traditional physical therapy.

My background was in sports and coaching at the high school and collegiate level. As a youth in the summers I used to play Major ASA Women’s Fast pitch Softball. I was a lefty slingshot pitcher putting a tremendous amount of torque on my right knee. Happily I did this for eighteen years.

After age 50, I jogged three miles a day for 2 years then my knee finally gave out. I had arthroscopic surgery which helped for a short time. However, I developed a large bone spur on the inside of my knee. It caused the right leg to flare outward (a Vargas knee). My leg was deformed. 

As a result of this type of knee problem I fell and I severely broke my lower leg. After healing from the break my knee was still painful so I finally decided to do something about it. 
I went to see Dr. Ted Firestone, one of the best knee and hip replacement surgeons in the southwest. Not only did he replace my knee joint, remove the bone spur and straighten my leg but he also recommended the ARP Wave therapy. He felt I would be a prime a prime candidate for this type of recovery. As usual the Dr. was right. 

After 2 weeks of therapy (3 weeks after surgery) my inflammation/swelling decreased. I was pain free for the first time in thirty years! I was walking normally after 3 weeks with a cane and amazingly after 5 weeks I walked without a cane. My flexion of the knee has increased from a painful 89 degrees to a comfortable 110 degrees. This type of therapy has been a god send for me thanks to ARP wave and my therapist Colt. For a full recovery after only 6 weeks Iam so appreciate Dr. Firestone and ARP wave!

Los Angeles, CA - Apr 9, 2016

At 16 years of age, Seth Ronsberg was in the midst of his 2nd season with the St. Paul Lakers Jr. A Hockey Team, when everything came to a screeching halt.  “Literally”, Ronsberg said.  “We were entering the Hwy 52 from 80th street in Inver Grove Heights after a weekend MJHL series”.  “There was a Highway Patrol assisting a driver from a SUV that rolled in the ditch”.  “My team mate was driving and was attempting to move to the far left lane to provide the officer more room, and in doing so his SUV spun sideways and we plowed into the back of the Patrol car, totaling both vehicles”.

“It was nuts” said Ronsberg.  “I remember Hirsch (Randy Hirsch a team-mate and the driver of the vehicle) and me bracing ourselves for the impact and the next thing I knew I was on an operating table”.  Emergency response teams stabilized Ronsberg as they transported him to Regions Emergency Center.  C-Scan and X-rays determined that Ronsberg had fractured Vertebra / Spinus-process in the Neck - C1 and Upper Back - T7.  Ronsberg received roughly 70 stitches to the side of his head and face and was placed in a Neck-Collar for a prescribed 6-weeks to 8-weeks and no impact for up to 3-months.

3-days in the hospital allowed Seth to return home safe and stable, however with limited mobility, no lifting and no school (for two weeks).  Ronsberg was good with no school, however what about training, hockey and more important, the rest of his life?  As a current ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy candidate it was 2nd nature for Ronsberg to utilize ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy for his recovery for on ice injuries, knees, wrists and such, however what about his neck and back.  Could this thing really work?  Within his first week of being home, Ronsberg was under- going an hour of recovery protocols on ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  Within two and a half weeks Ronsberg was on the ice for 1-hour a day, 30-minutes of off-ice protocols with continued recovery and muscle building protocols on ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.

3-weeks to 4-weeks early or after 2-weeks of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, the Neck-Collar was able to be removed.  X-rays indicated that the healing of the fractured vertebra was complete.  6-weeks to 8-weeks early Ronsberg rejoined the Lakers on the ice in a full-contact mode.   Amongst other doctors, Dr. John Pietila tested Ronsberg resulting with an all systems and muscles firing as stable outcome.  Doctors were amazed at the healing properties of the young athlete and attributed his quick healing to youth and the good condition of the athlete prior to the accident.  Clearly studies do show that efficient healing properties and the condition of a candidate can and do play significant roles in the healing process.  However, nothing can argue with the results of young Ronsberg and his return back to the rink.  Ronsberg states One MRI report says torn ACL the next says ACL in PCL intact.

Chicago, IL - Apr 2, 2016


The tightness in Brandon Marshall's right quadriceps had been around for a week, first surfacing during the Bears' loss to the Rams in St. Louis. A week later, as kickoff approached Dec. 1 in Minneapolis, Marshall's discomfort lingered, convincing him he wouldn't have his top-end speed against the Vikings. So shortly before that game, the Pro Bowl wide receiver encouraged coach Marc Trestman and quarterback Josh McCown to tailor their plans. "I don't think I can really open up," Marshall said. "All the deep stuff, we have to give that to Alshon." Stepping aside, Marshall watched Alshon Jeffery take a blowtorch to the Vikings defense during a 23-20 loss, racking up a Bears-record 249 receiving yards with two deep touchdowns.

A few days later, seeking to expedite his recovery, Marshall stood in a small examination room at Synergy Diagnostic and Therapy Center in Libertyville, willingly subjecting himself to intense discomfort, courtesy of an Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP) machine. With ARPWAVE Neuro TherapyWAVE Neuro Therapy electrical stimulation pads attached to the front of each leg, Marshall cued Synergy Director of Training John McNulty to increase the electrical current pulsing into his body. Marshall then did a series of calf raises, five at a time, his shins instantly feeling as if hundreds of miniature butcher knives were attacking them with machine-gun rapidity. He grimaced, bent forward and pounded the cart in front of him with his right fist.

This is what it feels like to heal? "There's an intensity to this, as you can tell," McNulty said. "But it has a purpose." That purpose, according to McNulty, is in part to diagnose and treat injuries as electrical failures rather than physical or mechanical breakdowns. The theory holds that negative charges in damaged cells can be reduced or even reversed with the electrical stimulation ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy can provide. Not long after Marshall's quadriceps issue popped up, he began experiencing hamstring tightness in the same leg.

Through a diagnosis with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, Marshall discovered "hot spots" — the potential roots of his problems — near each shin. For McNulty, that detection was proof Marshall's body was compensating, forcing his quad and hamstring to absorb undue force. So with three ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy treatment sessions under McNulty's supervision — a standard session lasts 14 minutes — Marshall attacked those problem areas, convinced the toaster-sized ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy machine again would work its restorative powers with brief, intense signals through his body via countless uncomfortable, rapid-fire jolts. "For me, the healing is what I believe in," Marshall said. "It has proven itself. That's what I go off, my own experiences. I've used it for everything, from preventive to recovery to treatment and strengthening. Once you feel what this thing does for your body, you believe."

Testimonials like Marshall's have made the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy a popular topic among pro athletes who understand the importance of availability and longevity to their careers. Still, it's difficult to know just how much to make of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's effectiveness because empirical evidence of its success still is minimal. While the Food and Drug Administration has approved it as a device that promotes muscle re-education, relaxation of muscle spasms and increased range of motion and blood circulation, the medical community remains uncertain.

With so little scientific research available, firsthand testimonials of those who swear by ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's therapeutic capabilities are better known in NFL locker rooms, including the one at Halas Hall. In addition to Marshall, Bears fullback Tony Fiammetta is one of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's most loyal devotees. Running back Matt Forte and long snapper Patrick Mannelly also are on board. And returning starting quarterback Jay Cutler has acknowledged his relationship with Synergy and ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy therapy over the last two months as he has battled through a torn muscle in his left groin and a high-ankle sprain on the same side. The latter injury kept the quarterback out for four games, with the stability, strength and mobility of his ankle slow to return. But Cutler's torn groin only cost him one start in part, he has said publicly, because he included intense ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy sessions as part of his recovery regimen. The quarterback's rapid return from the groin tear not only came as little surprise to Marshall, it's something the receiver repeatedly predicted publicly because of his belief in ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy. "That was all of it," Marshall said. "It was only because of this machine. Because of my experience with it. I wasn't just trying to be crazy." Diagnostic tool Denis Thompson went into business with his ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy machine in the late 1990s.

An exercise physiologist based near Minneapolis, Thompson had studied the physical nature of injuries but said he had grown disenchanted with traditional treatments. Fascinated with the neurological variables that contribute to injuries and recovery, Thompson set out to develop a technology that enhanced the connection between muscles and the nervous system. Thompson asserts his ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy machine has tremendous value as a diagnostic tool, able to detect cellular disruption — those so-called hot spots — often found in areas away from where a patient is experiencing discomfort. He says the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy electrical wave can disperse a negative charge in a cell while also increasing blood flow to accelerate healing. "Whereas we always had been conditioned to focus in on where a problem ended up, I wanted to zero in on the why. 
Why did it happen in the first place?" When exercises are performed with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's wave turned on, Thompson said, the nervous system can be adjusted and re-educated to fire muscles without pain. At present, the only independent study of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's success was conducted at the University of Hawaii medical school. 
Testing 25 patients recovering from ACL reconstruction, the orthopedic residency program found greater quadriceps strength in those using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy helping to stabilize their recovering knees.

Renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews, also a Redskins team doctor, admits he doesn't have comprehensive knowledge of the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy or experience with its therapeutic benefits. But Andrews said he wouldn't discourage athletes from using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy if they believed it could boost their recovery. "I know players are asking for it," Andrews said. "To me, if there's something like this out there that appears to help them, it's probably going to continue to take a foothold. … The main thing is to make sure it doesn't do any harm. Which it doesn't."

Seven-time Pro Bowl defensive end Dwight Freeney is one of the NFL's highest-profile advocates of the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy. Freeney, who has been working with Thompson for years, experienced his most publicized recovery in early 2010. After suffering a Grade 3 ankle sprain in the Colts' AFC championship game victory that January, Freeney was considered a long shot to play in the Super Bowl. But the Colts standout incorporated high-intensity ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy into his recovery, even sleeping with the machine on to increase blood flow into his ankle. Fourteen days after suffering the injury, Freeney started in Super Bowl XLIV, recording a second-quarter sack of Drew Brees. "Those doctors couldn't believe what they saw," Thompson asserted. Former Colts general manager Bill Polian, however, points out that Freeney's therapy entailed much more than his ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy treatments. Polian also recognizes that while Freeney admirably battled through his pain to play in the Super Bowl, he ultimately wasn't able to produce much after halftime.

"What role the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy played in all that, other than he believed passionately in the therapy, I can't say," Polian said. "It's impossible to isolate the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's contribution because of everything else that was involved in Dwight's treatment." Polian said the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy machine had been around the Colts locker room for close to two years. But, at that point, it was used by "no more than a handful of players." Admittedly skeptical of the machine, Polian asked team doctors and strength coaches about it and found "a mixed bag" of reviews. "Some of them thought there might be something to it," Polian said. "Others thought it was just a gadget. Nobody was jumping up and down about a miracle cure. … Anecdotal evidence isn't anything I've ever relied on. And there just wasn't any science that they could point to that could tell them that this was an amazing breakthrough or even significantly beneficial. "That's not to say it isn't. There just wasn't anything there that they could point to."

Miracle recovery Marshall was introduced to the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy early in his career by his agent, then became a firm believer in 2010 when he suffered a painful hamstring pull while playing for the Dolphins. Marshall vividly remembers the move — a cyclone spin past Bears linebacker Lance Briggs after an 18-yard catch over the middle. He also remembers the pain, instant and severe, causing the 230-pound receiver to crumple before being hit. Most vivid, though, is Marshall's memory of blowing through the recovery timetable, a breakthrough for which he credits ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy. Told he would likely miss four to six games, Marshall missed only two. Marshall swears it would have been only one game if Dolphins coach Tony Sparano had not held him out as a game-time decision in the second.. "That," Marshall said, "is when I became a true advocate." Marshall hasn't missed a game since and his most recent experience with the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy hasn't diminished his optimism.

On Monday night against the Cowboys, with his right leg feeling better after last week's work with McNulty, he led the Bears in receiving with six catches and 100 yards in the Bears' 45-28 blowout. McNulty declined to discuss specifics of Cutler's recent treatments but did reveal that according to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy mapping, the quarterback's groin tear "more than likely" occurred through a ripple effect stemming from multiple other issues in Cutler's leg that showed up as hot spots. "If you have an area of your lower body that is not turning on fast enough to absorb force," McNulty said, "then every single time you step or you run or you jump, that force is going to be directed somewhere. And when it is directed somewhere that is fatigued or can't handle it, that's when the injury occurs."

Because of the pins-and-needles sensations the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy wave produces — most intense in areas with damaged cells — Thompson has heard his therapy described as a 21st century brand of acupuncture.. He believes there may be parallels in the way acupuncture seems to regulate a body's energy flow and the manner in which the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy current harmonizes with the body's electricity. But … "I've had acupuncturists tell me that what they do is a whisper of wind and what I do is a hurricane," Thompson said.

Thompson has had the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy on the market for 15 years and says he has sold and licensed equipment to more than 1,400 athletes in the four major sports leagues. At present, Thompson estimates 150 current NFL players are licensed with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy machines. The sticker price to own one begins at $15,000. "The reason they're with us," Thompson said, "is because we make them feel better." Added Mannelly: "As an athlete, your body is your business. So for me and I think for a lot of guys you have to view it as a sensible long-term investment."

True believers Within the Bears' locker room, word of mouth seems to be spreading, an informal infomercial always available.. Forte, for example, borrowed cornerback Charles Tillman's ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy machine last year to treat the ankle sprain he suffered early in the season. Surprisingly, Forte found hot spots in his upper leg and near his calf. Using the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, Forte said, his mobility quickly heightened. "A day or two into it, I put the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy on it and I was actually doing single-leg hops," he said. "Back and forth. If I hadn't used it, there's no way I could do that." Mannelly, the longest-serving Bear in team history, most recently used the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy while rehabilitating a calf strain that caused him to miss two games in November. The 16-year veteran also used the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy extensively during his rehabilitation from a torn anterior cruciate ligament two seasons ago and has relied on it for years to treat nagging "knots and stingers" in his neck. "All I can do is speak for myself," Mannelly said. "And it always has worked for me. There have been numerous times where my neck would be all jacked up after a game. With the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, by Wednesday I'd be fine. And I know that if I didn't have ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, I'd be struggling until Saturday or Sunday to get it all loosened up again."

Fiammetta, now in his fourth NFL season with his third team, became familiar with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy as a Panthers rookie in 2009 after seeing Pro Bowl linebacker Jon Beason using it for a knee injury. Fiammetta signed on, invested in his own machine and became a believer. He says he uses ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy frequently to detect problem areas and to treat contusions. He has deployed it on more significant injuries as well, including an MCL sprain in 2010 that he was able to play through. "From my experiences," he said, "I've always gotten back on the field a lot faster from injuries than I've been told by trainers." So where does this leave a player like Anthony Walters, a third-year safety and core special teams contributor who missed October games against the Giants and Redskins with a hamstring injury, then was scratched from the Vikings contest with a groin problem?

Walters is familiar with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and its claims. He acknowledges his curiosity. "I missed three games this year," he said. "So whatever I can try to do to get back on the field as soon as possible, I'll look into it." Walters recently trekked the five miles from Halas Hall to Synergy for a consultation with McNulty. Walters' hot spots, ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy mapping showed, were in his shins, which McNulty believes created the problems in the safety's hamstring and groin. Walters had shin splints during high school, an issue McNulty theorizes may have never fully dissipated even though Walters' pain had. But even with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy's diagnosis, Walters still sits on the fence. Does he believe the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy could aid his health, even with some common side effects? "The soreness that I've heard can occur just wasn't something I wanted to do during the season," Walters said. "With so few games left, I need to be back as soon as possible and I didn't want to deal with the risk of adding extra soreness. But I do plan to look more into it and work with it more in the offseason when I have more time." So Walters isn't ready to fully commit. "I've heard the guys who swear by it," Walters said. "Players are always trying to get an edge. So if you think it's working for you, you're going to use it religiously."

, - Mar 10, 2016

My wrist was diagnosed as frozen and I was told nothing could be done that I would just have to live with it. I was treated with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy by my doctor and I was so amazed I filed my results on you tube. I have movement and no pain.

, - Mar 7, 2016

I won the final!!! 3 hr match in 100 degrees heat, ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy paying off!!! So now I am going jump almost around 800 spots from 1450 to about 680 in the rankings.

, - Mar 1, 2016

I did a 10 session treatment with Chad Scheitel back in October of last year. It changed my life! I had been told that I was bone on bone in both knees and needed a double replacement. I have danced all of my life and had to stop. I gained weight and was physically and mentally shot. My office is on the second floor of a building that I own which houses our business and I couldn't go up and down the stairs. After the treatment I started dancing again and got my life back. Thank you!

, - Feb 27, 2016

Today is a huge day in my life. I picked up my guitar for the first time and played for almost a hour. I had to push hard at first and my fingers are tender but I played and played well. My wife, Sarah, was amazed at the strength and clarity of the chords. I want to Skype with you to show you so you can see and hear. I want to do the same with Denis and Colt. It's been 11 weeks and three days post-surgery and I am playing guitar again. This is beyond my wildest dreams. It broke me down emotionally to play again and that's not easy to do. I have been playing guitar for 22 years and although my fingers and hand are a bit stiff, I am hitting the strings with precision and accuracy. Perhaps Thanking all of you again and again gets redundant. I will continue to let you know that I am grateful on all levels, minute to minute, for having so many gifts back so soon. This accident and recovery looked as horrible as the X-rays at first. The pain was vicious and mean. On October 23rd everything changed for the better. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

, - Feb 20, 2016

RACE REVIEW --from ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy Patient under Denis Thompson... 
A pro elite female road racer/triathlete and Ironman Finisher...won the State Championship Time Trial and the next day had an accident, suffering a severe head trauma incident on a mountain bike crash and received a Level 3 Concussion, of the worst possible grade, near coma, brain swelling, thigh contusions, broken finger and cracked rib and destroyed carbon fiber Helmet. After meeting Denis ...and receiving 11 ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy sessions of treatment in 2 weeks, she went back to racing Triathlons with improvement and total recovery... 
Leah PRUDHOMME Maple Grove Cycling /TREK Sponsored Triathlete and Pro Cyclist. 

, MA - Feb 20, 2016

I was talking with my doctor (who is a DO) and is very interested in learning about your ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy after hearing all about the things I can do now. I had a shutout in last week's game, played three times this week and ran 2 miles (in 20 minutes) without pain. I am pumped. Not bad for someone who was told I would never be able to do any of this without pain.

, - Feb 18, 2016

I would like to thank you again for helping me to sort out my ACL problem. In the second part of August I was in Greece with my family and our friends (24 persons). We were lucky to have 12 consecutive days of very strong winds. I was windsurfing every single day for at least 5 hours (all breaks counted out). My left leg worked perfectly: no pain, no swelling, full stability. I was not only able to windsurf but I managed to learn new maneuver called backwind jibe.

, - Feb 12, 2016

I’m not sure my e-mail stated my feelings on everything adequately, so I’m writing again. I was VERY skeptical going into this program. I kind of felt like I was wasting money and was being taken, you know? I mean, it was always explained to me that arthritis, bone spurs, torn cartilage, whatever, once you reach that point in life, it’s either pills or surgery, until eventually knee replacement. I was resigned to that fate. And it kind of sucked. When Michele and I talked about trying this program, she said, “If you don’t at least try it, you’ll regret it, because you’ll never know”. So I decided to try it. Even during the first 10 sessions, although I felt relief, I was still skeptical about long term improvement. It just did not seem possible. I am not skeptical anymore. I truly cannot believe how good my knee feels. I can go upstairs, play golf, do whatever, and it feels great.

, - Feb 8, 2016

I Just wanted to share a "testimonial" about my experience with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy:
Eighteen months ago, I "passed a large, FATAL blood-clot" (my physician's wording) that traveled through all 4 chambers of my heart and both lungs. Long story short, I lost the ability to walk and was on several very strong medications...but I'm still here to tell about it. I limited my research online as to the adverse effects of each medication BECAUSE I HAD TO HAVE IT. One thing I did know was that some of the meds adversely effected my joints, bones, etc.
After quite a bit of physical therapy and time, I regained not only the ability to walk, but was able to resume teaching exercise classes I'd taught for 30 years. Halleluiah!!!! BUT, then I started realizing level 10 pain in my hip joints. Strong meds finally taking their toll. My physician prescribed "Celebrex" , explaining that years of wear and the prior strong meds were eventually going to lead me to have hip replacement(S)!! 
For now, she recommended we take a conservative approach and try to manage the pain with another strong med. Back to online research..... I DID NOT want surgery and really didn't want to take Celebrex. As you can guess, I found ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy in my researching and the process began.
ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy was so radically different, but it all made really good common sense. My pain was in the hip joint, but that was only the area of symptom. The true culprit was from several areas in my upper legs and buttocks where there was years of built up scar tissue. In layman's terms, ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy successfully blasted the scar tissue, allowing good blood flow (thus giving my body the ability to heal itself)!!!!!!! It only took 5 sessions of concentrated "blasting" for me to be pain-free. Actually, I felt much better even after only one treatment.

, - Feb 5, 2016

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Cate's progress from her ACL injury as a result of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and her hard work. I know it was difficult for her in the beginning but after Jay's session she really pushed herself and the benefits are obvious. I certainly would recommend this therapy to other athletes. It was money very 
well spent.

, - Feb 3, 2016

Cody Hodgson loves ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy he says it saved his career.

, - Feb 1, 2016

Gentleman, Just wanted to let you know that I finished the season with the highest save percentage of any goalie in NHL history.  At least since they started recording the stat somewhere around 1980.
My .938 beat Dominik Hasek's previous high of .937 So thank you.  You both know I couldn't have done it without you.

, - Jan 29, 2016

Dear Mr. Thompson: My wife and I had the privilege of spending the last five days at your facility in Apple Valley. And I feel compelled to tell you a few things: * the experience far exceeded my expectations *I strongly believe I am on the road to recovery and will be a life-long advocate and supporter of the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy organization *muscles in my thigh that have been dormant for 40 years (due to sports injuries) ,are coming "back to life" * knee replacement surgery I have scheduled for March 15, 2011 will most likely be cancelled.

, AR - Jan 27, 2016

Denis - thanks again for the help with my back during the sugar bowl, I played at 100% after barely being able to get out of bed a week before the game. Great stuff...

, NJ - Jan 20, 2016

Denis, Just wanted to thank you for yesterday. We've done two treatments so far and Zach's ROM is amazing. I'm glad that what I had done to date was appropriate and that's Zach's inability to progress further was not due to his lack of effort or my lack of expertise. I would never have known to put a pad on his good arm to deal with the neurological issue you identified.  Your ability to see and fix the body is truly incredible. Thanks again

, - Jan 18, 2016

Hey Denis, 
David Grimes here. I am one of Jimmy Clausen's friends and former teammates from pro day of whom you helped out this past year. I'm not sure if you know but I ended up with the Kansas City Chiefs. I know I thanked you but I cannot thank you enough for your help and resources, It definitely made a difference. 
I had the opportunity to witness first hand, the effectiveness of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and I am a firm believer in its capabilities.

, - Jan 15, 2016

Had surgery last night. Huge tear in labrum, 2 bone chips the size of nickels, and they shaved bone growth so it won't happen again. Used ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy last night. Went all the way up to 10.0 and still couldn't feel anything. Do I just use at night or as much as possible? By the way, Surgeon said he has no idea how I was Able to play and I told him it was because of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy. TT Hi Denis thank for the intro to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy. I just wrapped up my season with a loss to the Orlando magic.  I have received great  reviews about my play this season. While I was in San Antonio I was not playing at all besides a few minutes here and there. I ended up getting traded to the Charlotte Bobcats who had 4 centers hurt. I began to play 25-30mins a game and to everyone amazement I was able to  become a key factor n helping the team make the playoffs for the first time in franchise history. Now I have teams trying to pick me up for  next season. I will really be able to train with the machine this off season. What will they have to say when I comeback even better?

Thanks for everything let's go to work! Theo ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is absolutely amazing.  I was blown away by how much of a difference it can make in a person's range of motion and flexibility.  As a method of easing pain, accelerating healing and improving performance, it is easy to understand why so many professional athletes use ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and how ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy can change a patient's life.  Simple in application and concept, ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy would be a tremendous asset to every doctor that wants to maximize a patient’s health and increase their practice.

, - Jan 11, 2016

Denis, Jay, & Dr.J, Thank you for all of your wisdom, knowledge, and support you have given me and my patients since October 2006.  When I first visited your clinic in September, I began telling all of my patients that I will be practicing differently very soon. After my second trip out to Minnesota my mind was made up and I quickly pulled the trigger and began treating my patients similarly to the way you three practice in Minnesota. The results are unbelievable and I now get three times the referrals and new patients than I did prior to utilizing ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy in my 12 years of practicing Chiropractic. Practice is fun again and my patients are getting better faster and recommending me to more of their peers and family. Your support and assistance is always immediate and I truly admire that in your group. Again, thank you from me, my staff, and all my patients!

, - Jan 8, 2016

After researching the market I can safely say that ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is remarkable in both removing inflammation the fastest and returning people to activities promptly. Having personal experience with two ACL surgeries, ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy has allowed me to continue my love of soccer and other sports at a high level. For the prevention of further injuries ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy can zone into old injuries through key searching techniques and increasing strength by doing your usual workouts while applied to the body. It is the only muscle stimulator on the market with such intensity that allows for range of motion while it is hooked up to you. As a Chiropractor I deal a lot with musculoskeletal issues whether post-surgical swelling, adhesions or healing injuries from simple sprain strains to severe hamstring tears or as daunting as frozen shoulders. ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy has given me such tremendous confidence that it is my best tool of healing in my office.

, - Jan 8, 2016

I am continually amazed at the effectiveness of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy in treating both acute and chronic injuries.  Initially I purchased ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy to use in treating my athletes.  After getting outstanding results treating athletes I started using it to treat my more challenging chiropractic patients.  Chronic conditions that didn’t resolve with chiropractic and traditional stim therapy respond well with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.

Buford, GA - Jan 8, 2016

I have been involved in ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy for almost a year now and could not imagine my practice without it.

, - Jan 6, 2016

Since I’ve purchased ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy I have been able to take care of various conditions that otherwise I might have referred out.  ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is a particularly new form of treatment that is unique in its results that I’ve personally have never seen before in the 22 years of practice.  I have augmented my practice directly because of it and combined with my other treatment techniques that I provide - I am able to provide a complete service to my patients. Dennis Thompson has developed an exceptional way of treating injuries that will be the wave of the future.  I’ve recommended ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy to many other doctors and athletes and I would never hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

, - Jan 4, 2016

As you know, I had knee surgery on December 15th to repair a complete meniscus tear in my left knee.  Although the surgeon recommended that I go to a physical therapist to schedule two therapy sessions on my knee prior to the surgery, and three after the surgery, I chose not to.  I opted instead, to go through the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy prior to the surgery, and after. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful results I’ve had since.  My knee feels as though it’s stronger than ever!  Three weeks after surgery, I was back working my legs as though nothing ever happened.  I’ve been able to do lunges, squats, and I’m running at least three times a week, without the least bit of pain!  All of this, after it was suggested to me that I wouldn’t be able to squat or do lunges ever again!

I only wish more people knew about this wonderful machine and system, as I truly believe the time and money spent going through your typical recommended types of therapy could be cut in half with just several ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy treatments.  More importantly however, people with injuries wouldn’t have to stop working out the way they are used to – quite the contrary, as they can come back stronger and do more than they were able to do prior to the surgery - I’m certainly living proof of that! I’m a 51 year-old man, who thanks to you John, and the individualized attention you gave to me in applying your expertise to my injury using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, is able to work out just as hard as I did when I was an 18-year old athlete! 
Thanks again!!!

, - Jan 2, 2016

I was referred to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy at Synergy through one of their coaches at a dinner party.  I explained of a knee problem I had in which I wasn’t able run without pain for over 2 years, and even after 6 months of physical therapy.  I stopped in to Synergy for my first treatment and was amazed to see my knee pain was due to a broken ankle, I thought was healed, that occurred over 8 years prior. The staff at Synergy walked me through each treatment step by step and within the 5th treatment I was running pain free.  I have since followed along diligently in the recommended strength training plan Synergy has provided.  Thanks to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy I’m able to enjoy running and other activities pain free. – Without hesitation I would highly recommend anyone with an injury to seek the advice of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  We took my 12 year old son Matt to an orthopedic physician due to pain in his knee.  He was diagnosed with jumper’s knee or what’s better known as patella tendonitis.  He was fitted with an immobilization brace and was to begin physical therapy 2-3 times per week.  He was also to be out of PE participation for 4-6 weeks.

A friend mentioned ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy over at Synergy Fitness and Sports and what it did for him and his son.  I figured, what is there to lose, so I set an appointment for us to see what ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is all about.  After a thorough explanation on the reason for the injury, a Synergy staff member performed a test to see if Matt’s muscles were working properly.  Upon observing they were not, we proceeded to meet with the chiropractor to get Matt’s muscles working again.  Matt began ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy treatments and started jumping 7 days later.  After his 10th treatment we could see a tremendous difference in his leg strength.  Not only did Matt not need the knee brace, but he only stayed out of PE for 4 days as opposed to a month.  Needless to say, we never attended a physical therapy session.  Again, without hesitation, I would highly recommend the ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.

, - Jan 1, 2016

Over the years I’ve had numerous physical ailments.  Having back pain beginning in 6th grade I’ve been in and out of physical therapy a majority of my life.  Which have kept me at bay from doing many of the activities I desire to do.  I had shoulder surgery in 1988 to release a nerve entrapment which lead to necrosis of the nerve and back surgery in 2003 which was a fusion of L5 and S1 using a plate to repair the spondylolisthesis acquired at birth.  Although the back surgery was not pleasant, the comments from the surgeon of “no functional recovery” and “nerve innervating the muscle is gone” really took me aback in regards to the shoulder injury. Having tried everything with very little result, my wife suggested I look into ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  The following results took place almost immediately:

* Neck pain associated with the shoulder was gone
* Noticeable muscular development surrounding the entrapped area
* Hip pain was gone [supposedly tight IT Band]
* Sleep better than I ever had up to this point in my life

Bottom line, I can say conventional therapy did me no good and ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy absolutely did and continues to do so.  I have since begun training with strength recovery on the Ultrafit (EvoSport) Training System at Synergy. The results are amazing, immediate and truly effective!

In January of 2007 I suffered a bulging disc in my back and could barely get out of bed let alone swing a golf club.  My wife had been working with Dennis and Jay for 2 years and had never had a back issue with her career so I decided to give it a try.  I was amazed.  After 10 sessions of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy (over the course of 3 days) I was swinging a golf club at full speed, and a week later was off to the next PGA Tour stop.  I have been using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and Training protocols ever since.  I have never been stronger.

, - Dec 29, 2015

My name is Dalton Fields; I am 18 years old and I have been recruited to play D1 college football at the University of Wyoming. During my fourth game of my senior year football season on Friday September 21st, I took an unfortunate hit to my left arm. This hit bent my elbow in the opposite direction—dislocated (and more). After attempting to play with my arm the way it was, limp and just hanging there, we decided that I had acquired a more serious injury than originally thought. Through follow-up at the hospital it was declared that I needed a 3 and ½ hour surgery on my elbow to repair severe damage. The left biceps plexus was separated from the bone and my Ulnar Collateral Ligament (UCL) was shredded! I needed “Tommy John” Surgery (and then some).

After surgery while talking to the doctor I was told that this particular injury took some athletes out of sports for up to two years – some forever. With my Division I scholarship on the line I could not afford to let this happen. Previously my family had bought ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy for family use, so I was familiar with it. Not only did Mr. Thompson say I would be ready to play football by next season, he said I would be ready for contact sports in four months. With an offer like that we got to work immediately. It is now March of my senior year and I am fully healed and ready to play college football thanks to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  In fact, my surgeon was so impressed with my recovery…he could hardly believe it. At four months post-op, he cleared me to full activity including the weight room and said that if I wanted to, I could finish the wrestling season as well. The football coaches who were recruiting me, talked me out of wrestling, but just knowing I was ready, was a triumph!

ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is the true next-gen therapy and saved my football career.

, - Dec 28, 2015

Michael broke 3 ribs during a football game.  Within 3 weeks Michael was back on the football field!  Not 3 months, but weeks.  To this day when I tell people the story how quickly Michael recovered from that injury, they are amazed to find out what ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy can do.
Laurie Betz - Mother of Michael, high school football quarterback NJ

Staten Island, NY - Dec 21, 2015

I tried several pain management techniques including straight chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy.  I could only successfully relieve the pain two weeks at a time.  A friend of mine who is a patient of Bryson Chiropractic informed me of this new procedure called ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  I went in for a consultation despite the skeptic I am and I decided to go through with the ten sessions required to do ARPwave system since there wasn't an alternative for me.  However, to my pleasant surprise upon completion of the ten sessions I can honestly say that I am pain free and doing the necessary exercises required to maintain this unbelievable new life of being free. I want to thank Dr. Bryson and Debbie Gray for never giving up on my unique situation and giving me the reassurance that I would be healed.

, - Dec 10, 2015

I was referred to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy in 2002.  I was suffering from leg pains and also had weakness in my right calf due to nerve damage.   ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy helped me return to a normal routine of exercise while enabling me to build up strength in my right calf.  Without ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy I would never have been able to endure the pains in my legs.  I suffered from spinal stenosis, which was the cause of all my problems.  The neurologist that diagnosed my problem suggested Pilates as a way to stretch my lower extremities and build a more solid core.  This worked to a point, butARPWAVE Neuro Therapy was the real key to recovery.  I was so pleased with the results that I convinced my personal trainer to become a licensee.  This way I could train with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy at the Minneapolis JCC.  Not only am I using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, but several members of the JCC are satisfied users.

, - Dec 7, 2015

"I injured my MCL and had a severe bone bruise in my knee.  The injury happened at the Senior Bowl in January.  I rehabbed with a PT as hard as I could all through February, but I was still having severe pain in March, so my agent decided to get ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy here in Florida.  Denis had a conference call with me and my agent, and he also talked to my Combine trainer and PT down in Florida.  He had us do some kind of muscle testing and zeroed in on the problems.  Then he gave us a plan that involved using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy during the day and with treatments, and then also sleeping with it every night.  I know this is going to sound crazy, but within 5 days my knee was pain free.   It was the freakiest thing I'd ever seen.  I had done 6 weeks of rehab with basically no progress, and it took only 4 nights of sleeping with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy vto get rid of the pain.  It was crazy." 
Beau Bell, Cleveland Browns (4th Round pick, 2008 NFL Draft)

Orange, CT - Dec 4, 2015

Nick is a 20 yr old college soccer and tennis player from Orange, CT who had a full ACL tear in the Spring of 2007 We just saw the surgeon for Nick's (final) post-surgery check.  He confirmed that Nick's (surgical) knee has achieved the same flexibility, mobility and strength as his (other) knee.  He gave Nick full permission to resume all activities (without his brace). Within the first two weeks of the surgery, ARP system significantly reduced the swelling - helping Nick feel better and be able to begin physical therapy more easily. Within the first four weeks, ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy accelerated the rehab of the muscles around his knee, enabling him to increase the difficulty of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy protocols.  He actually began "SPRINTS" out on the lawn within the first month - something he could not have imagined.

Nick believes that ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy accelerated his recovery by at least 50% if not more. He felt that ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy doubled/tripled the return on his effort - as he worked through the rehab protocols. Contrasting ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy workouts to his regular PT workouts - he recognizes how much harder and faster ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy pushed his recovery. (He) consistently achieved recovery benchmarks faster than he or his (surgeon) expected.   Thanks you again for all of your skill, help and support.  You pushed him to push himself when he could and you provided the expertise and tools to help him be successful.  You will be the first call if (really when), one of us in need of help recovering from a problem or surgery like this again."

, NC - Nov 27, 2015

Hip & Hamstring
Genius frequently stands alone.  And it often swims against the tide.  Denis Thompson, founder and developer of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, has taken a different view of healing...one that sometimes swims against the tide.  We were skeptical at first, primarily because we couldn't get our minds fully around his philosophy and his philosophy sometimes ran counter to conventional thinking.  But like most big ideas...the best thinking often happens outside of the box.  We decided to trust, and are very grateful that we did.  Our son is a competitive national athlete who incurred an injury that took him fully out of his sport for 4 months before we found Denis.  Denis' first reaction to our situation was shock that our son had not been playing for so long, given the injury he had.  We hired Denis and licensed his technology, and our son has been restored to full health in 2 months.  Without question,ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and Denis' consultation were instrumental to his healing.

, - Nov 23, 2015

ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is the most remarkable rehabilitation and training program I have witnessed in my 25 years of professional hockey.  It has done remarkable things for my clients.

Ryan Carter of the Anaheim Ducks broke his wrist and thumb.  When he was taken out of the cast he had zero range of motion and zero strength and could not even turn the key to his car on.  I was told he could not play until he had full range of motion and full strength which would likely take four weeks. After three days of treatments by Denis Thompson Ryan went back to Anaheim and practiced with the team the first day back.  He was cleared to play later in the week.  

Andrew Alberts of the Boston Bruins was out for three months and the team thought he was done for the year.  Andrew was treated by Denis Thompson for three days and returned to Boston headache free.  He skated with the team for a week and then was cleared to play and finished the season and the playoffs with the Boston Bruins. 

Casey Borer of the Carolina Hurricanes completely tore his MCL and had a 2/3 tear of the ACL.  He was treated by Denis Thompson for three days prior to surgery to get all of the inflammation out of the knee.  The doctors repaired both ligaments on a Monday followed by Casey using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy each day following surgery.  Casey was on a bike for range of motion on the Thursday immediately following surgery which is absolutely remarkable.  Casey is several months ahead of normal recovery for such an injury.

Neil Sheehy - Former NHL Player & Sports Attorney - Represents NHL Hockey Players

, - Nov 11, 2015

I had pain in my lower back for years. Because I have MS, I attributed it to that. I spent, and my insurance companies have spent, thousands of dollars by treating the pain (symptom) and not the injury ( my leg). My good friend and neighbor, a former NHL player and now agent, introduced me to ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy. In one session last week, they identified the problem as a strained ligament in my left ankle (I like to say 'old sports injury'). Truth is, I may have stepped in a gopher hole, years ago.
By taping together my Fibula and Tibia ( a job my injured ligament used to do) and using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy I am better distributing my body weight and am largely pain free. I just need to build strength in my left leg, which has atrophied.
I am looking forward to a summer at the cabin, doing all the things I used to do, and have not done recently.

, - Nov 10, 2015

The athletes I have worked with on ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy have had outstanding results.  The unique waveform and simple protocols combine to deliver Great results!
Wally - Assistant Athletic Trainer - World Champion Indianapolis Colts

, - Oct 27, 2015

ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy has worked tremendously in helping get my players back to full recovery. From acute to chronic application it has been one of our modalities of choice. It offers a wide range of treatments that benefits our athletes.

, - Oct 27, 2015

"The success of ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy has changed my entire outlook on the rehabilitation process and calls into serious question the validity of Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation as the only available tools to recover from injury."

Scottsdale, AZ - Oct 9, 2015

I was in a car accident and sprained all of the muscles in my back along my spine.  I went to physical therapy for months trying to get rid of the back pain and start playing golf again.  As a 1st year member of the LPGA tour, it was very frustrating when I couldn't even walk 9 holes without pain or swing the way I could before the accident.

I met Denis Thompson through my coach Craig Waryan.  I was desperate for help and willing to try anything at this point.  In 2 weeks I was back playing on the LPGA tour and even made my first cut the first week back. I have continued to work with Denis and Jay Schroeder to get my body in the best shape I can.  I have seen such amazing results with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and I can't imagine training any other way.  I have been pain free in my low back for over 1 year now and could not be happier.  I can walk numerous rounds of golf in a row and my swing has gotten even better with the extensive golf training program I am on. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be playing Professional Golf anymore if it weren't for Denis Thompson and Jay Schroeder and ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  There is just not another program out there that can get your body and the shape that this can.

, - Sep 30, 2015

After sustaining a ruptured hamstring and knee sprain to my left leg, I was immediately referred to Denis Thompson for help.  Denis contacted the guys at Synergy Fitness and Sports to begin the pre-op ARP system treatments on my hamstring and knee.  Although I thought the pain was in one area, I couldn’t believe what ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy was showing.  After the first treatment, I contacted Denis to get my own ARP!  I used it immediately after surgery with tremendous results and continue to use it daily.  I’m looking forward to getting back stronger than ever.  Believe me, I’m not the only one who’s amazed at my recovery.

, - Aug 19, 2015

Before I began using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, I had a history of hamstring and lower back issues.  These injuries, which I had come to think were chronic, caused me to miss games in each of my first 5 years of professional baseball.  However, over the course of the past three and a half years with ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy, and specially designed protocols from Denis and Jay Schroeder, I have not missed a single game due these injuries.  Further, my body, though I'm older, has never felt looser, stronger, or just plain healthier, and I have to attribute this difference to my use of this incredible machine.

I am becoming more motivated in perusing ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy leasing. Particularly since experiencing it first hand in the rehabilitation of my severed Achilles. I met with my surgeon and physical trainer yesterday for the first time since the cast was removed (3 weeks) and each was ASTOUNDED at my progress. (Neither is aware that I have been using ARPWAVE Neuro Therapyin Vancouver.) As they witnessed my range of motion and mobility there was a profound silence in the room. It was clear they were observing a phenomena that quite literally violated their sense of order. Their only explanation was, "You're healing remarkably fast, in fact, way a head of the curve." I politely look at each and said, "You think?" I'll let you know what I decide.

, - Jul 23, 2015

The New Jersey Soccer Group; the management company of the Millburn Magic, is partnering with ARPWave, a Millburn-based company whose revolutionary product allows athletes to prevent injury, accelerate recovery from all muscle injury and surgery and keep muscles fresh all season long and improve athletic performance.
Dr Kan MD on ACL results

, - Jul 8, 2015

Hi Denis, just back from Karl's 14wk post op visit.  Dr. Shingles could not believe Karl's progress, knows he uses ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy.  He has cleared Karl to continue his midget major play even though he's only at 3 and 1/2 months.  He still was cautious because he has never released an athlete this soon after ACL recon.  Many thanks to you and your team.  Karl is continuing his training with Jay, we would like to continue this for another 4-8wks.  I will stay in touch.  thanks

, - Jun 24, 2015

ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy has been great for me, anytime I had something minor or serious ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy came through and help the healing process....

, - Jun 2, 2015

Some things impact your life for a day or two and sometimes very special things happen that impact your life forever. August 4, 205, our son, Paul had reconstructive surgery for a complete torn ACL. He knew he would not be playing football his senior year of high school, but the doctors said he “might” be able to wrestle. The day before surgery we received a call from a friend of ours recommending an alternative form of therapy. We made a phone call to Ben at OPC. He said to bring Paul in after surgery. He got out of the hospital on Friday and went to OPC on Monday. The results were nothing short of amazing.

Therapy began by getting him off pain meds and bringing the swelling down. I could on and on with what the OPC staff did for Paul, but there is too much more to this story. Short version for Paul – He started wrestling his senior year with the rest of the team and a month before the doctors told him he wouldn’t stop on a mat. He never missed a match! He placed at sated and signed a letter of intent to wrestle at the University of Minnesota this fall. OPC not only helped him get his strength back but also gave him the confidence to gout and compete.

Nothing sells better than success and we wanted our entire family to experience training at OPC. Thomas thought it was the best gift he could give our children. By the first of June 2006, there was 8 Ode’s training at OPC. My husband and I train so we can keep up with our 6 kids and stay young enough to enjoy them. The kids train to be the best they can be in whatever they are doing.

Our experience doesn’t end there… Calvin has a story to tell also. After training at OPC for a month, Calvin was in a bicycle accident and broke his femur. He had surgery and had a 12” plate put in his leg. Ben and Tasha visited him in the hospital and promised he would be “good as new” in no time. This was a promise they kept. He was off his crutches in less than 2 weeks. With ARP therapy, his broken leg was actually bigger than his other leg at the first post-op checkup. (Not swelling, it was muscle!) By his next checkup, he was running and the x-rays showed the bone callous (new bone) was growing much faster than “normal”. Instead of spending his summer inside on the couch, he has been able to run, wrestle, inner tube, wake board, and all the other activities he wanted to do.

We never imagined that when we received that phone call last August that we would become involved with something so special. Ben, Tasha, Dr. Sara, Dr. J, Jay, and Denis are wonderful people. They truly care and give of themselves. Not only are they our doctors and trainers, they are our friends.
Heidi Ode Paul Ode, ACL surgery

, - May 7, 2015

I had total knee replacement surgery on both knees. I was also having some pain. Now I’ve gone through this program for 2 months and I can sit in that position (wall squat) for 5 minutes in the extreme slow, I can do the 50 reps, and I can do the altitudes. I would have never dreamed that when I started. It’s made a big difference and ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy itself for the joint pain. My wife and I did a spinning class and I thought, “Well, I haven’t done anything aerobic; I’ll see how long I can last”. Next thing I know the hour of class is over and I was surprised I made it!

I’m walking more of a natural walk whereas before I looked like I was a little sore and probably walking more gingerly than a normal stride. Mainly it’s helped me do day-to-day things. My quad muscles are night and day than when I came in. I’ve probably put on 8-9 lbs and my waist has gotten smaller. My pants are a little looser
Bob Jacobson, 55, Total Knee Replacement

, - Mar 20, 2015

After 5 years and 15 doctors and no results, I came here and virtually am now pain free. It’s nice to feel good again
Randy Hebrink, 48, Low Back, Neck, Rib, Shoulder Pain

, - Feb 22, 2015

I think the treatment is phenomenal. I came out of the University of Minnesota and was told I’d never play baseball again because of reconstructive surgery on my left wrist and with Ben and ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy I haven’t had any trouble since. That along with my ankle this spring, they said I’d be out 6 weeks, I wasn’t even out a week and a half and I didn’t miss any games. I’m a walking case for Ben, but he’s helped me every time.
Kevin Ericcson, 22, Wrist Surgery, Ankle Sprain

, TX - Jan 13, 2015

Our 24 years old son had an ischemic stroke that was caused by bacterial meningitis when he was sixteen. I am constantly looking for possible treatments that can help with his full recovery. He's gone a long way & is functional. His right knee is still locking in, there's muscle weakness all over his body especially on the right. He has done land/aquatic physical& occupational therapy but it's been eight years that these issues have not been totally resolved. We tried ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy and have been amazed as well as Dr. Stoller. His knee is normal and does not lock, his strength has increased dramatically and his brain activity has changed. Thank you.