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Personal Recovery System (PRS)

The PRS is the latest and most portable unit created by ARPwave.

Power Button

Press and hold the power button until the green light illuminates

Power Button

Press and release or for faster response, press and hold the + to increase the power output and − to decrease the power output. The yellow light will indicate power output level.

Main Pulse Suspend

The main pulse suspend will be used to relax the muscle. You may not feel this setting but it is doing something. The yellow light above this button will indicate the setting.

Pause Button

This button will suspend the current. The power meter will blink while paused. When you resume therapy and unpause, the power will return to the last power setting.

Battery Charger Plug-in

The PRS unit will not be functional when the battery is charging. The battery charger will blink when charging and remain solid when fully charged (See supply list for a photo of the charger)

Lead Plug-in

The lead needs to be plugged in for the unit to power the pads/tissue.


Use the clip for a hands free experience