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Neuro Therapy for Patients

ARPWAVE Neuro Therapy is a supplement to all other therapy – it diagnoses and treats the neurological origin of all symptoms not the symptoms. All other therapy addresses where the signal ended in other words where you have pain or restricted movement.

Neuro Therapy finds where the signal causing the pain or symptoms is coming from and changes the signal which in most cases reverses the symptoms.

Neuro Therapy has treated well in excess of 300,000 patients worldwide with better than a 95% success rate in eliminating pain, restricted movement, and atrophy.

Neuro Therapy has been used by thousands of the most elite athletes in the world to speed up recovery from injury and surgery.

Neuro Therapy is patented and is covered by most insurance depending on your coverage and is performed in a doctors office.

Neuro Therapy Treats:

* Chronic Pain
* Neurological Disorders 
* Strokes 
* Spinal Cord Injuries 
* Athletic Injuries 
* Work Related Injuries 
* Auto Injuries 
* Concussions

Neuro Therapy Accelerates Recovery From All:

* Surgeries
* Injuries

View Video Testimonials:

Here are video testimonials from 5 very unique cases. These patients were selected from thousands of candidates to be treated on camera for a PBS TV show called Knowledge For Wellness.

ARPwave and their medical staff selected these cases due to the complexity of the conditions and all were in significant pain.

Denis Thompson the CEO and developer of Neuro Therapy-Neuro Recovery personally treated each patient on camera.

Each patient went through 10 sessions. Session 1-5-10 were used for the show.

The 5 candidates selected and their diagnosed conditions were:

All patient video (all in one video).

Steen: Transverse Myelitis incomplete CV with extreme pain

Elaine: Chronic Back Pain

Jennifer: Juvenile RA extreme pain

Mark: Chronic Pain

Tim: Extreme restricted ROM and extreme pain

The videos you see here are interviews after their 10th session

Tim Thomas talking about Arp Wave Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqgcC6Ulrrg


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