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Family Benefits – Recovery:
The key to working out is recovery. As a PRS owner you will have a highly portable tool to instantly recover you from any activity.

Imagine recovering from a day of skiing or running in minutes.

You will see extreme results if you or anyone in your family does any of the following:
* Cross Fit

* Boot Camps

* Tough Mudders

* Extreme Sports

* Marathons

The key to training is also recovery and as a PRS owner you will have the same technology for you and your family that the most elite professional athletes have.

The PRS:


Pain Free Activity:
As a PRS owner you have a program which will allow you to play golf, run, lift weights, play tennis, swim, play softball, baseball, soccer, cycling or almost any activity without pain.

As a PRS owner you have a program which will allow you to instantly relax. Our expert staff will coach you step by step on how to use our technology to relax.

Sleep Improvement:
Use of the PRS while sleeping will enhance the quality of your sleep which will allow you to wake up fresh and with no soreness.

Injury Prevention Programs:
If you have any children in your family who are in any athletic program professional, collegiate, or high school … injury in most cases is inevitable.

As a PRS owner you will be able to prevent the overwhelming number of athletic injuries your son or daughter would normally sustain.

This gives them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and NOT be robbed of the fun of competing because of injury.

Over the past 15 years ARP Wave Neuro Recovery and Neuro Therapy has been used by thousands of the world’s most elite athletes to prevent injury.

Performance Enhancement:
As a PRS owner will have access to our patented performance protocols. Instantly increase your flexibility and your ability to perform any skill.

Your PRS will eliminate the need for:

* Pain Medication

* Massage- Weight Loss

* Pilates – Yoga

ATHLETE Benefits:
As a PRS owner you have our team as your injury prevention, injury recovery, and performance consultants.

We will design protocols to use prior to a game, training, or practice to prevent muscle related injury.

We will design protocols to be used after a game to fully recover you.

We will design protocols to use after training and each practice to fully recover you.

We will design protocols to increase your strength.

The goal is to allow you to be as fresh at the end of each season as you are in the off season.

The PRS:



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