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The ARPwave Neuro Therapy Network is a network of select medical professionals in your area. Neuro Therapy Network members are selected by ARPwave and awarded an exclusive territory and license to offer Neuro Therapy and Neuro Recovery services. If you qualify ARPwave will expand your business without capital investment on your part required.

ARPwave Neuro Therapy is a patented and proven therapy which treats the neurological origin of pain and restricted movement.

Over the past 15 years it has been exclusively used by ARPwave to treat hundreds of thousands of patients with consistent proven results.


Pain management medical doctors and osteopaths can drastically reduce opioid use.

Orthopedic Surgeons now have an in house therapy answer for all their patients.

Physical therapists and occupational therapists can expand and grow their market.

Urgent care clinics can eliminate seasonality, expand and grow their market.

Chiropractors and naturopaths can speed up recovery of all patients, expand and grow their practice.


plus Treat more patients in less time and at a lower cost while increasing your revenue.

plus Requires none of you or your staff’s time or any capital investment if you qualify.

plus We provide staff, equipment, marketing, and patients.

plus If selected you will be awarded an exclusive license to offer ARPwave Neuro Therapy in your geographical area.

plus ARPwave will supply to your practice at no capital cost a minimum of $300,000.00 in specialized medical equipment.

plus Used by many NFL-NBA-NHL-MLB-PGA-MLS-and top Olympic athletes over the past 15 years.


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