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Family Benefits:
With insurance premiums going up, deductibles going up, claim denials going up, and services being cut back there is a clear need for a change.

The ARPwave Gold license is that change.

As a Gold licensee you have in your home a program and the RX100 patented technology to improve you and your family’s quality of life for the rest of your life.

Injury Programs:
If you or anyone in the family is injured you can now use the same technology and treatment protocols the most elite athletes in the world. Over the past 15 years we have treated over 300,000 patients with better than a 95% success rate at eliminating pain, loss of strength, and drastically speeding up the recovery of all injuries.

We supply you step by step instruction to treat any injury right in the convenience of your home. As a licensee you have access to our patented Neuro Therapy protocols to speed up the recovery of any injury.

Where ever you have pain or injury is where the problem ended not where the signal is coming from which was the cause of the problem.

Neuro Therapy finds and treats the origin of the problem. Once you eliminate the origin the symptoms vanish.

The RX100:
Your licensee includes the personal use of the RX100 (see below) for the duration of the licensee agreement.


Neuro Therapy Treats:
* Chronic Pain
* Neurological Disorders
* Strokes
* Spinal Cord Injuries
* Concussions

Therapy Programs:
If you or anyone in your family suffers from any of these conditions you FINALLY have a way of changing your quality of life by joining our license network and letting our experts direct you on how to treat yourself at a fraction of the cost you would need to pay a therapist.

As a licensee you will be able to treat yourself in your home and get 8 hours of constant treatment as you sleep.

Neuro Therapy is very effective on all of the above conditions plus any other condition you or your family will ever experience and will save you a tremendous amount of money and change your quality of life.

Injury Prevention Programs

If you have any children in your family who are in any athletic program professional, collegiate, or high school … injury in most cases is inevitable. As a licensee of our network you will be able to prevent the overwhelming number of athletic injuries your son or daughter would normally sustain.

This gives them the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and NOT be robbed of the fun of competing because of injury.

Over the past 15 years ARP Wave Neuro Recovery and Neuro Therapy has been used by thousands of the world’s most elite athletes to prevent injury.

Recovery Programs:
Imagine recovering from a day of skiing or running in minutes.

If you or anyone in your family does cross fit-boot camps-tough mudders-extreme sports-or are marathoners you will be able to recover in minutes not days.

The key to training is recovery and as a licensee you will have the same technology for you and your family that the most elite professional athletes have.

Performance Enhancement:
As a licensee you will have access to our patented performance protocols. Instantly increase your flexibility-instantly increase your speed-instantly increase your vertical jump-instantly increase your ability to perform any skill.See for yourself all of these benefits …

Look At The Cost Savings:
Eliminate the need for:

* Pain Medication

* Physical Therapy

* Occupational Therapy

* Chiropractic

* Acupuncture

* Massage

* Health Clubs

* Personal Trainers

* Pilates

* Yoga

* Strength Training

* Weight Loss

As an ARPwave Gold licensee you will save hundreds of thousands of dollars in your lifetime and your family’s lifetime.

Medicare medical costs NOT covered will be in excess of $200,000.00 per person in your family.


Athlete Benefits

* As a licensee you have our team as your injury prevention, injury recovery, and performance consultants.

* We will design protocols to use prior to a game, training, or practice to prevent muscle related injury.

* We will design protocols to be used after a game to fully recover you.

* We will design protocols to use after training and each practice to fully recover you.

* We will design protocols to increase your strength.

* The goal is to allow you to be as fresh at the end of each season as you are in the off season.

* We will design rehab protocols should you get injured which will radically speed up your recovery.

* We will design protocols to speed up recovery from all surgeries


Who Uses Our Services:

NFL – Over 750 NFL athletes,

NBA – Over 200 NBA athletes,

MLB – Over 100 MLB athletes,

NHL – Over 200 NHL athletes (including the last two Conn Smythe winners),

MLS – European soccer – Over 600 soccer athletes,

OLYMPIANS – Over 25 medal winners from all sports,

NCAA – Over 500 NCAA athletes,

High School athletes -Thousands of athletes from all sports



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