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The ARPwave Gold License is a customized program for athletes of all ages and levels of skill. As a licensee you will have our patented technology to use to improve performance, recover immediately after any activity or competition, prevent the majority of injuries you normally would experience, and speed up recovery from any injury or concussion using our exclusive Neuro Therapy.

ARPwave Neuro Therapy is a patented and proven therapy which treats the neurological origin of pain and restricted movement.

Over the past 15 years it has been exclusively used by ARPwave to treat hundreds of thousands of patients including thousands of the world’s most elite athletes with consistent proven results



Professional athletes and teams can help prevent injury, speed recovery from injury and enhance performance.

College athletes and teams can help avoid injury, reduce recovery time from injury, improve performance, and increase their odds of becoming a professional.

High school athletes and teams minimize injury and the time it takes to recover from it, peak performance, and increase their odds of getting a college scholarship.

Active adults can help prevent injury, speed recovery from any injury, improve performance, and enrich their quality of life.


The highest proven therapy success rate, fastest recovery time, speeds up your ability to get back into competition.

Improve performance, speed up recovery from all activity and prevent injury.

Extends your athletic career by keeping you in the game longer and makes you less prone to injury.

Portable light weight equipment you can take with you wherever you go which also enhances your performance while you sleep.

Personal performance coaching provided.

Used by many NFL-NBA-NHL-MLB-PGA-MLS and top Olympic athletes over the past 15 years.

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