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We have NEW patients for you to help you grow your practice.

We have 15 years of expertise at building a multi-million dollar business and have recruited and treated over 300,000 patients who paid us cash for our therapy.

We have 2,000 professional athletes as clients.

We want to share our proven model with you and create a turnkey new business for you inside your practice which will supplement your revenue and protect your future.

This new turn key business does NOT interfere with your core business and supplements everything you do now and protects you against an uncertain future.

We have insurance models AND cash models ... whichever is best for you.

This is a true turn key business.

We supply everything including patients, staff, equipment and marketing.

The NEW patients we bring you pays for the low monthly cost of the program.


* Turnkey new business INSIDE your practice with significant revenues
* All the advantages of a franchise without the loss of identity
* Patient referrals direct to you from us and our marketing
* Patient referrals to you from Neuro-Recovery Surgeons
* Neuro-Therapy/Neuro-Recovery trained MA to administer on an as-needed basis
* Cash Program Or Insurance Program to fit your practice
* Creative, advertising and marketing services available
* Once implemented requires very little of your time
* No interest finance plans for patients
* Significant increase in revenues
* Low investment high return

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