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Cost Analysis

Over the past 15 years we have helped over 2,000 of the most elite athletes in the world PREVENT INJURY, we can do the same for all companies and insurance companies dealing with workers compensation programs which will FINALLY give you control over medical costs.

Let's look at some of those spiraling costs:
According to current data the true cost of a fracture to a company is:

Direct Cost $50,000.00 - Indirect Cost $55,000.00

Increase in MOD rating for 3 years $72,000.00


According to Center for Disease Control 51.5% of all adult workers report chronic back issues US Department of Health and Safety study showed from 1996-2004 work comp expense for low back injuries was $850 billion a year. Today it is much higher.

The only way to lower workers comp costs in the long run is to lower the frequency and the severity of claims driving the above costs. This is the conclusion present data suggests.

We believe the way to lower the cost is PREVENT the cost and speed up the recovery of all losses that could not be prevented. Let us show you how.

The overwhelming number of these claims can be PREVENTED and those that cannot be prevented recovery times can be cut by 80% by implementing our 4 Step Risk Prevention Program

We look forward to working with you to take control of your workers compensation costs.


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